Friday, March 26, 2010

I don't think there is a writer on earth as lucky as me

Today, I ordered an audience with the babes. If you are new to this story, the babes are a group of my students who, from the beginning, have encouraged me in the writing of this story BUT have also nailed me with criticism if I've written crap. They have been as good as any literary agent/editor.

Today, I cornered them at the end of an English lesson (I have them as students as well). Meet me, sez I, if you can, at lunch.

At lunch I was late 10 mins cos I was having mine with the glorious Vanda Symon down the road, and walked into a classroom filled with noises of discussion about thanes and witches and discussion about battles and intentions and oh oh oh passion about my(their?) story.

'I have a problem,' I say. I tell them of my problem. We talk, chew, nibble, tug, pick at and then, WAHOOOOO, come up with the solution.

So exciting.

One day, the world might read this blog but for now I say: love you guys! LOVE YOU. Thank you.

and, ooh, the witches, and the mysterious stranger at the start of the book and oooh ooohh oooh.

We are pleased, precious, yes we are.

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Fifi Colston said...

yep, writing can be a team sport- its not just all about rugby and netball!