Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Right now I am bawling my eyes out

Tonight I wrote for three hours - great stuff and though I kept doing the ctrl s my computer (apparently) decided not save and I've lost it all.

Computer guru hubby could not find what I'd done and I am so gutted. It was good stuff and I know and I can replicate it but time is so precious for me.

I can't stop crying because I am so disappointed (it was really good things that I wrote) but I'm afraid I won't get it right this time in time for my deadline.

Sorry to be so bleak and your're prob thinking well stop moaning and get back to it but I am gutted. Gutted! I just want to crawl into bed and forget the world for a bit.


1 comment:

maureen said...

ouch! feeling for you....
lots of hugs