Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's a new day

I might kinda moan about having to work at another job (Teaching!) instead of being a full-time writer but, man, I love the kids. I felt like crap most of the day cos of last night but their kindness and enthusiasm and smiling faces and support helped me not only get through the day but, especially after my writing club meeting, helped me to see that it will be okay. The words will come again because they always do.

I walked the dogs and thought about the ending and saw a wonderful scene which I'm about to tuck into.

so, though I still am stuck about how to fix the start, I am sure of the ending. I 'meet' with my agent tomorrow morning (via phone call) to chew the fat.

Thanks for all the supportive emails I've recieved the past 12 or so hours.

Now, it's back to Fleance's *cough* bare chest and .... wouldn't YOU like to know? Heh Heh.

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Mary McCallum said...

Hope the meeting with the agent goes well this morning, Tania. I have been thinking about your lost words - how dreadful it is especially when one is working to a deadline and juggling all the stuff you do. But I do think a. the words are still there somewhere waiting to be plucked back from where they've landed and b. other words will be crowding in to take their place anyway - Good luck. A walk with the dog always helps me see things this way... and, as you say, gets you thinking ...