Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The 4am wake up call

It was so exciting. The middle of the final battle. Blood, sweat, screams. Men grunting and breathing deeply and, with all their might, using their failing strength, to save themselves or others as others lay dead or dying at their feet.

I saw it. I heard it. I could smell it as well. Then, the seriously clever interchange and I was going: what? cool! And then, more.

On it went and I was so excited I switched on the lamp (it was too cold to get up so I leaned over, grabbed pen and my note book and wrote this:
Battle Feild.
F fighting - injured.
C saves F
Rebel Leader: You are a traitor, C!
C: depends on whose side you stand.
RL You have betrayed your brothers
C Better that than my king or country.

F - lots of blood loss. Massive fight. Everyone watching
[censored - heh heh]

Then comes the questions. Questions about motivation and reasons and reminders.
I am so excited.
Squee (although my agent has asked nicely that I not be too mean to Flea.

The night before, I had a wonderful insight into an important moment between Fleance and his girl. Good stuff.


jtwebster books said...

Sounding exciting! Can't wait to read it.

Imy said...

You have to be nice to Fleance, I just told mum that he doesn't die! (She is reading B.S and really loves it!)