Wednesday, December 1, 2010

research night

I walked home from my fav restaurant (yes, I know, two days in a row is a bit much but I was meeting with a visiting friend *TK waves to Belynda*) and my mind was working through a technicality I was having.

When I got home, I rang my friend Jo (Bloodlines is dedicated to her and her husband) *TK waves at Jo* who yet again, gave useful suggestions.
I've spent two hours researching this particular issue. Here are my notes:

aka St Anthony's Fire.

Symptoms: severe burning in limbs. Gangrene/loss of limbs. Hallucinations. Strong uterine contractions, nausea, seizures, unconsciousness

Monks applied balms containing tranquilizing ingredients and circulation stimulating plant extracts.

Controlled doses used to induce abortions and to stop maternal bleeding.

Hospital Brothers of ST Anthony founded 1095

was passed through lactation

red powder. Easy to miss in dark rye-flour.

Incubation period 2-3 hours after ingestion

Needs a cool wet climate.

1035 - Outbreak in France. 40,000 died. (Henri)

The wealthy not affected because they ate white bread

Farmers brought produce to market in the larger towns but poor people bought the dark bread. (Perth and Dundee)

Witchcraft blamed. See thesis on cause of Salem Witch Hunt

Yes, dear reader, we are in for one more wild and final ride. WAHOO

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jtwebster books said...

Facinating stuff. I love the way research can lead you on a long and winding road. And it must be great to have friends in the 'know' on such diverse topics!