Friday, December 10, 2010

The curse of being a writer and an English teacher with a story to tell

Sometimes, I get in the way of Myself. I am best, as a writer, to just pour it all out and come back later to fix up the clunks. Trouble is, lately, Myself has been second guessing me and arguing with me and, frankly, Myself needs to go and do something else for a while so that I can go forward without interruption.

Currently, Myself has placed highlights and questions in square brackets all through the latest section. She's pushing my hands off the keyboard to add her comments and it's very distracting.

Why? It's because Myself recognises gaps and problems and places where she wants more for the reader and is not content to let me, the author, just run with the narrative.

At least, I suppose, Myself's comments add to the total word count. *grin*

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Pen said...

There is always a silver lining, no matter how slim. :)