Tuesday, December 21, 2010

writing takes seventeen times as long as reading

Ok. I made up that statistic but it feels like about right.

I'm reading a fabulous book at the moment during the day (along with running around after family and looking after pets) and writing in the evenings and early mornings. I have written heaps and it's taken me HOURS! I've progressed 11 pages. I sat in the doctor's waiting rooms and read 38 pages of the fabulous book I'm reading and it took me 15 mins!

Needless to say, the comings and goings of Birthright are in good hands (I say this with arrogant confidence) but this is becoming a huge book. There are characters who are pushing their way into my story who demand they have a significant part.

William Graham
the Thane of Cawdor's son
and others who I haven't met yet but I feel are just lurking for their chance to burst into the story.

Sheesh. Can't a writer have some control?

Anyway, it is a few days before Christmas where the whole world turns gaa gaa. Me, I'm a bit of a ba humbug. The only special days for me are birthdays. And, I have friends and students struggling with the European disasterous weather so I don't really feel inclined to be particularly festive as I worry about them.

Here in Dunedin, it is unseasonally hot (and windy).

I wish all who read my blog a happy holiday because, damn it, we all deserve it.


jtwebster books said...

Merry Christmas Tania. Enjoy your long break from school.

Im said...

You proabably know this but I just found out that Shakespeare was distantly related to Banquo! He would be very proud that his family's history (ish) is being brought to everyone's attention again! Maybe the real Fleance fled to England and hey Presto: William Shakespeare was english rather than scottish!

TK Roxborogh said...

Imogen, I did NOT know that at all. How cool. Maybe he knew and that's why he included the whole Banquo/Fleance thing.

Katarina said...

Did you know that 83% of statics are made up on the spot?
Merry Christmas!!

TK Roxborogh said...

ha ha Kato. Have you read Bloodlines yet?

Im said...

Im going to lend it to her when i go up!