Friday, January 29, 2010

First draft pretty much finished; now the work begins...

I have finished the sh**ty first draft but now I have a lot of research reading ahead of me. The two books I'm focusing on at present are The Western Medical Tradition 800 bc to ad 1800 and Medieval and early Renaissance Medicine by Nancy Siraisi.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of spending an hour with Dr Takashi Shogimen, Senior Lecturer in Medieval History, University of Otago who gave me invaluable information about the time and answered some of my strange questions. He also lent me a book called Medieval Maps

I also have pages of photocopied notes on William the Conqueror, medieval marriage and death, and the Vikings. I confess to not enjoying reading history despite it being my minor at university.


School starts back on Monday and one of my publishers is revamping my two grammar books so the pressure is on. Both these books and Bloodlines have the same deadline of 1st of March.

Still, until I find out what Rachel knew about medicine, I can't fix up this SFD and make it a decent second draft.

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Ross Calverley said...

Keep it up!

Oh and read my poor attempt at a blog if you wish...