Sunday, January 31, 2010

When the expert tells you you can't possibly write that.. rebel.

'Love' he said, 'did not feature in medieval marriages. It was all about contracts and allegiences.'

Um. Well, not in my story. I said. And, I say. I believe that love has always been there and that men and women have loved each other and made sacrifices for love all through the ages. This is gonna happen in my saga, you can be sure.

But, I also have learned that love isn't always about what one feels but also about one does. And my characters do things to show their love.

So, this is quite a vague post but I am walking gently through the paths of love which do not necessarily run smooth. (to mangle Shakespeare).

Pleased with what I've achieved these past few days but not as much as I wanted. Back to school tomorrow and I now have only one month to rewrite the what I've written. It's got some great stuff in it - promise.

and some surprises. heh heh heh

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Pen said...

You go girl! Of course history is full of stories of true love! So much for the "experts" eh? What do they know? ;)