Friday, January 15, 2010

when characters misbehave

So, I'm used to teens disagreeing with everything:
Me: have some breakfast.
Them: no
Me: you should take a jacket
Them: no
Me: You look great
Them: I look like a retard (thanks mr henry)
Me:wanna hang out(okay - I admit - pushing it)
Them (aka predictable response): Are you serious.
Me: go on, take a break and have a good time.
Them: money please.

See, raising children is easy - you just need to understand the tricks of the trade.

As for characters. Well. We're talking a whole different situation sugar.

Writer: So, my boy will do this and then the bad guy will do that and then my boy will defeat bad guy and, well, it's over - dude.

Reality (aka the writer's real world): boy defeats bad guy. Bad guy does not go down without a fight. Boy defeats bad guy (again). Bad guy has a right hand man who wades in a screws everything up.


Cue writer now spending the rest of the day dealing with this development.

Aside from the muse: Knew it was gonna happen. Try to warn her but no one listens to me

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Pen said...

LOL! Great post Tania. My writerly-heart feels your frustrated pain. :D