Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ten years ago, writers had it easier!

Now that's a provocative statement. What I mean is, most of us who write, write on a computer which often means we have access to the internet and email which often means if we really want to avoid doing what we should be doing (aka writing) we can be reading about other writers and readers and enjoying their musings rather than creating out own.

Today, I walked down to the supermarket fully intending to catch the bus back up the hill but, because the fates ensured I was delayed by the candy aisle, I missed the bus. Acutally, I didn't quite. The bloddy thing was still there but the driver ignored my pleas to let me on.

So, I had to walk up the hill (it's a tough hill people) and it took me 15 mins.


I gained four key scenes in that time and I'm writing them now. Actually I'm not cos I'm doing what I'm complaining about - blogging instead of writing.

I also realised that I think I have to choose one of the characters and tell their story all the way and then go to the next character and then do a kind of jigsaw thing to make it all fit.

And fit it will.

Oh man, someone's just come in and Rachel has to amputate. Bye!


Anonymous said...

If this was facebook, I would press the 'like' button :)
And ew about the last line!!!
Laura ;)

Ross Calverley said...