Saturday, February 20, 2010


Have spent the day going through the 'comments/edits' of the babes!

Arrrghhh. They are SO GOOD at spotting inconsistencies.

Anyway, I am very glad to have them on my team because I know their suggestions will make the story better but (Tania slams fist into her forehead) I wish I knew that stuff already.

I think it is interesting that they pick the holes I knew were there

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A window in my editing phrase

I wrote a few days ago on my FaceBook status update that going through the edits of ones manuscript is about as painful as trying to clean the gunk from ones shower. However, I am being unfair to my friend, Jo, who has willingly and (she told me) at times joyfully read the first 107 pages of Bloodlines.

Not only does Jo show me the error of my ways, she also puts in lots of positive affirmation (in the form of smiley faces). I thought I’d share with you some of her comments – I hope they make you smile as they have me:

‘Trickling is better; babies dribble’
‘Its – you can’t be sure of its gender’ (I was talking about a rat)
‘Too many buts!’
‘Candles too dim for sewing!’
‘No one sews at midnight – too dark – and in a nightgown out of bed in Scotland, in Oct! too cold!’
‘This is brilliant!’
‘When did he get it out?’ (Henri’s knife)
‘Nice irony.’
‘You need to get him from the stairs to the hall.’
‘Won’t he offer some to poor Rosie? She’s cold, hungry, thirsty…’ (oops – Flea forget his manners)
‘No! Think of Othello! Lady Macduff.’
‘Different adjective now? This is no. 3’
‘Transubstantiation from wine to posset! Call continuity and complain.’
‘Please, can Fleance have a drink too?’

Of course, this won’t make sense to you and it’s only a small piece of the notes and corrections and questions and requests but I hope it makes you wonder what I've written, what the characters are up to and what will it turn out like in the end.

Monday, February 15, 2010

gahh, damn bugs and viruses

So, the plan was to be super teacher by day and gifted writer by night (and early hours of the morning which is my strange thing so don't fret).

Reality: today Dunedin gave over to a wintery blast about midday and I'm suddenly shivery and aching and feeling terrible. Had intended to walk for 60 mins while child did horsey things but throughout the afternoon my temperature went up and down and basically I felt like crap.

I managed to get dog food, read a bit, write a bit, help with the horse and wonder at the wisdom of what I do.

It will all be, dear reader, good. No, it will be fan-bloddy-tastic, in the end.

cough and sniff

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A snippet from Bloodlines

‘So why did she die?’

There was the question that haunted her and the question about Duncan which haunted her also. Why?

The dowager’s words came to mind.
This is dangerous question to ask, Rachel. For, after each answer, another why question surfaces just like a weed in the garden. If you depend on knowing the why, a good life, one that makes a difference in this world, will be taken from you just as those weeds which drain the goodness from the soil, leaving the plant gasping. If your why is to do with human behaviour, you must look only to the story of The Garden of Eden: Why? Because someone had a choice and their choice has caused you pain.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Congratuations to my website creator

Jessica Napper, who, last year was a Y13 student at Columba College, designed and created by website

Two days ago, we learned that Jessica was awarded an 'Outstanding' Scholarship for her work in Technology.

I am proud to have had her as my designer and love my website. It's very me.

go and have a browse - there are some surprising features.