Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Your responses please

Shakespeare's story as it is written in his play Macbeth is an important element to understanding the workings and motivations of the characters alive in this novel. How much of the 'back story' are you interested in? Just memories, in snippets or do you prefer longer recollections?

A number of you had suggested early on that a plot summary of Macbeth should be put as a preface to the novel and I argued then, as I do now, NOT knowing Shakespeare's play is not a problem. Fleance doesn't know a lot of what happened and neither does the reader unfamiliar with the play. This reader will discover the 'story of Macbeth' when the key characters learn about their history.

When you read this type of novel, are you irritated by the inclusion of the backstory and just want to get on with the present plot or do you enjoy reading them (provided they are exciting and mine are and will be)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I know many of you are thinking that she's a bit too spoilt to be the one for Flea but that's my fault not hers. The whole picture of her is in my head - I just haven't got around to telling you about it - too caught up with drooling over Fleance and Duncan!

We will love her as much as Rachel - promise. Though we can't always like everyone the best in life - eh?

I will spend time showing you her kind and considerate and funny side - she's the life and soul of any party and makes Flea laugh - which is what he needs (and why he likes Duncan so much because Duncan is alwasy teasing him). I have always seen Rosie as stroppy and, yes, a bit indulged, but hey, she's an only child and hasn't had some of the tough things of life to deal with like Flea. This turn in events I think will be the making of her - trust me.

early cover design - your thoughts?

Here is a proposed (and very early idea) for the cover. The other (which is under copyrite) has a young bloke's face at the top and castle ruins at the bottom. I like the castle AND the thistle. Imogen has suggested this one be second edition.
Publication date is set for September 2009 and the publishers are Penguin NZ.

How it all began

Thanks to Flavia for getting this up and running.
The intention of this blog is to keep interested parties up-to-date with how the trilogy is going. But first, an explanation if you've come across this blog serendipitously.

I have been teaching Shakespeare for twenty years (and first discovered him at high school - yay). I've always wondered what happened after the play 'Macbeth' ended. It has been a question I've posed to my students and myself many times. I have also been writing for about fifteen years and, with over twenty books published from a range of genres (YA, plays, English text books, texts of Shakespeare, parenting etc etc), I thought I would finally throw myself into this project.

So, what did happen after the play ended? You might think there was no one left of any interest but one character came so vividly in a dream to my one night, I knew I had a story - and a big story it was going to be.

This is the story of Fleance, Banquo's son, who escaped Macbeth's attempt to murder him.The novel begins ten years later in the northern woods of England where Fleance has been living, not revealing to anyone who is truly is. He is madly in love with Rosie but, just recently, he has been having terrible dreams and visits from his dead father reminding him that the last words Banquo uttered before he died were " Fly, good Fleance Fly that thou may'st revenge."

What's a boy to do? In the beginning, the first 15 chapters were picked over by a group of prolific readers whom I affectionately call 'The Babes' (not because they are drop dead stunning - because they are - but because I adore them as if they were my girls - intelligent, articulate, every mother's dream). They have very strong opinions about the characters and used this blog site to discuss the story so far.

The first in the trilogy was published in New Zealand in early October 2009, debuting 3rd on the best sellers list. Book two was published in 2010 and book three will be out April 2013.

The next big thing? Watch this space.

A movie? Oh yeah!