Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I know many of you are thinking that she's a bit too spoilt to be the one for Flea but that's my fault not hers. The whole picture of her is in my head - I just haven't got around to telling you about it - too caught up with drooling over Fleance and Duncan!

We will love her as much as Rachel - promise. Though we can't always like everyone the best in life - eh?

I will spend time showing you her kind and considerate and funny side - she's the life and soul of any party and makes Flea laugh - which is what he needs (and why he likes Duncan so much because Duncan is alwasy teasing him). I have always seen Rosie as stroppy and, yes, a bit indulged, but hey, she's an only child and hasn't had some of the tough things of life to deal with like Flea. This turn in events I think will be the making of her - trust me.


Tania Roxborogh said...

I am testing to see if comments can be left

Anonymous said...

but if the character is real, there will be aspects that some people don't like. It's not good to make a character a goody-goody all the time is it?

Anonymous said...

hi, well this is going to be very interesting seeing this go together love what I have read so far..
good luck xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Rosie is going to like Duncan??? That will be interesting... they are both very likeable although diffrent