Tuesday, December 30, 2008

early cover design - your thoughts?

Here is a proposed (and very early idea) for the cover. The other (which is under copyrite) has a young bloke's face at the top and castle ruins at the bottom. I like the castle AND the thistle. Imogen has suggested this one be second edition.
Publication date is set for September 2009 and the publishers are Penguin NZ.

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the uni wallflower said...

it looks cool!!
when i first looked at it, i though the trees and stuff where part of it. then i figured out that the whole thing is see-through and it was the page background. You could use this but instead of the trees, have the castle.
Another thought was to have a crown surrounding the thistle. Mum agrees that this would look cool (the castle in the background and the thistle with a crown around it in the foreground).