Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Audio Book of Banquo's Son (aka a post about reading aloud)

I've been an English teacher for a long time and I don't recall a time I wasn't able to tame a class of wild animals year 10 boys or disinterested Y12 girls with a story read out loud. In fact, I have read the entire book of To Kill A Mockingbird at least 15 times, scores of Shakespeare's plays (with accents when I can though I usually hand the job over to more capable readers) as well as lots and lots of novels over and over as each new year brings a fresh batch of readers.

This morning, the audio copies of Banquo's Son arrived via the courier. Produced by Brilliance Audio and performed by Napoleon Ryan, I knew that there was a very good chance it was going to be excellent (I have a number of Brilliance Audio books on my laptop and phone and I've been stalking Napoleon Ryan since I learned he would be the reader).

I was nervous because the voice of Fleance has been in my head for so long. How would it feel to hear it out loud? Would I be disappointed? Would Napoleon 'get it right'?

Well, the dogs didn't know what to make of my squeals of delight as each new 'voice' came on but it was when Fleance spoke, I whooped with joy. Even the hubby was grinning.

It is so good. No, the audio is awesome. Napoleon makes me sound like such a great writer. Thanks to him and the team at Brilliance Audio. You've made my day, week, year.

I love reading, I love reading out loud to others, and I love being read to. Long car trips or bus rides, long walks, times waiting, all empty spaces of time are coloured in with the beauty of audio books.

Here's a wee taste of the audio