Saturday, May 23, 2009

we need Spock's mind meld here!

What we desire most, we writers, is to take you, the reader, to the viewing room of our imagination. We want you to see EXACTLY what we see - hopefully as WE see it. Sometimes, I lament that I'd have heaps of books written if only I could use Spock's mind thingy and plug a USB cable somewhere into my imagination and have it download into my computer - so much quicker.

Take, for example, the scene I SEE fully with Rachel arriving at a sea port: I can smell and hear and feel every detail as she sees it. It takes but moments for me to do this. But, to write it (as I've tried to do today) is excruciatingly laborious which means I stop and go play with the dogs (who are so cute. Despite what anyone says, Border Collies DO smile and DO laugh).

Then, there is the problem, with the blogsphere, of clicking and clicking onto writers all around the world who are so interesting and have such fabulous things to say about life and writing.

So, that's three paragraphs which are basically saying I'm procrastinating. Hey, here in Dunedin, it's been raining now for a week - Yep, every day; sometimes snow. If I hadn't had to take eldest to work and youngest to piano lesson, I'd have been in my PJs all day.

For the parents out there: tonight is the Y12 Ball at Larnach's castle. I shall drop child and the boy (love him to bits) at school at 7:15, buy a bottle of wine, make may way home through the weather and sit in front of fire with said bottle and glass and good book and stay up until 1am before hubby drives us to pick up tamariki. (for those not of En Zed tamariki is Maori for child/children)

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Anonymous said...

The whole USB thing is a very good idea- when it is invented please get me one, assignment write-ups take for ever!!!And yes, teh weather here has been absolutley awful.
xoxo Dani b.