Saturday, November 28, 2009

Banquo's Son: writing a trilogy and story structure

So here's the thing: I need to make you keep turning the pages. I need to make you slap your head and say - Of Course! Why didn't I see that coming? I need you to believe that if you were Fleance or Rachel or Rosie, you'd have done exactly as they decide to do.

And, I need you to trust that though I have your heart in my hands, I will, in the end, not make you cry so much you hate me but know that what I've written is as it should be. Tears and cheers all.

The last few days has all been about research and looking carefully behind the facade to ensure that the engineering is tickety boo.

My big question now is, the person who has to die in Bloodlines, does the death happen before or after the big moment? And, perhaps, is this death actually THE big moment? Which I kinda suspect might be but I'm open to suggestions.

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Pen said...

As I don't know who is going to die or what the big moment is it is hard to say *wink*.

These are head scratching / head banging against the wall moments, eh?

Good luck unraveling this one.