Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bloodlines book launch

This will be in a couple of weeks here in Dunedin. 22nd of September. 5:30 at the public library. I will be making the sandwiches (along with members of my student writing group), getting the sushi and the chips and dips and buying the drink. Some of my kids will be helping out with the serving. Bless them. I will also be teaching in every other space of the day.

Why do we do it, we authors? Why do we outlay expense on a party for a book?

Because, it is like celebrating the birth of a child in some sense.

The effort required to actually write a novel is probably only really understood by other writers. The effort required to promote a novel is probably only understood by the sales and marketing and publicity team at the publishers. The cost of the sacrifices family had to suffers can only really be appreciated by said family members.

And, why shouldn't I have a chance to dress up nicely, eat and drink good food and wine with friends, family and fans?

So, to hold that book in your hand, to have others hold it, to have others respond to the story you have slaved over for 12 months are glorious, glorious moments.

Publishes don't tend to spend much money on launches, preferring to spend the small budgets of advertising or other marketing ideas but authors cannot let the release of a novel go un-noticed.

This is why I am putting on a party for Bloodlines. It certainly deserves it!


Pen said...

Congratulations on the birth of Book Number 2 Tania! I'm so excited for you.

TK Roxborogh said...

Thanks so much. It's such a looooonnnnggg process, isn't it, from conception to reality.

Matthew Schep said...

I'm hoping to make it to the Book Launch, Tania, can't wait to pick up a freshly signed copy of Bloodlines!