Monday, September 6, 2010

left side strong side aka sometimes it hurts to write

ACC doesn’t charge us much but they do charge us.

I wonder if anyone thinks about the physical cost of being a writer. I guess each writer does their own thing. I know of vegan, live off the land types who write away on recycled paper and others who trot off to their offices each day which result in them turning out published works.

Me, I type. And I move firewood and lift groceries and write on the whiteboard and mark scores of essays.

So, always, my right arm aches. And my right elbow.

In fact, I’m getting to that stage that I’m a little bit worried.
I lie in bed at night and am woken by the pain in my fingers and joints. Oh, yes, I’ve bought the Omego 3 10000000 pills.

The thing is, ACC is not stupid. They understand that a writer spends hours and hours hunched in front of whatever writing implement and it might just end up costing the government if the writer can no longer function. So they ping us with a tax. (Tania waves at her government).

I pick up the bucket with the horse feed and my right arm screams.
I lift my arm to write instructions for my Y11 kids and my elbow hisses with pain.
I go to pull a pile of washing from the dryer and I am stunned by the pain which shoots down the right side of body.

Right side. My side.

I am currently analysing Remember the Titans with my wonderful Y11s and there is a quote: Left Side, Strong Side. Yup. Geddit.

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Anonymous said...

Sympathies - and additional sympathies from a ACC rehab practitioner, knowing that even if you try to make a claim, you are likely to be refused given your lifestyle and occupation, on the grounds that the pain's main cause is degenerative. Invest in Speakwrite/Dragondictate - or an amanuensis? Take care.....