Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bloodlines still on the best sellers list - whoop

Below are some of the wonderful responses I've received this week:

Hi Tania
I just had a Year 13 student return Banquo’s Son and she was positively gushing about how fabulous it was. She even told me how she had to take it to work and she was so engrossed in it during her break-times, that workmates were hassling and teasing her and she didn’t even hear or see them! Honestly, she was panting with enthusiasm. Isn’t it fabulous?
Julia, Librarian, Kerikeri High School)

I read Bloodlines, by the way, and it was REALLY good! I especially liked the very ending when it turned out that the wedding was for [censored]and [censored], not [censored]and [censored]. Even after I finished the book I was still just thinking about it, because I just didn't expect it at all!! I also loved the part where [censored] came in and saved [censored], because I was just boiling from anger at [censored], because even before he pretended to be a traitor, I sort was having bad feelings about him because he seemed sort of untrustworthy in a way. So when he was pretended he was bad I thought I was so clever because I had known all along! But then it twisted again! And he was good (well better than good really, because he sacrificed his own life for [censored]!) and I found that I liked it much better that he was good because I was caught so surprised by that too!!!
From Harriet Y9 Student from St Hilder’s Collegiate)
(** sorry censored bits so that I don't spoil things if you haven't read it yet. - TK)

I just walked into Whitcoulls as they were unboxing the lastest new releases and SQUUEEEED rather loudly at the sight of bloodlines. The sales lady was like whaaat. So I told them wat a fantastic nz author u r and now they reckon they should make it more prominent lol
(via txt. Aimee, Y12 (one of the babes who now lives in central Auckland)

BTW have just finished reading Bloodlines. You are one hell of a story teller! A great saga. Xx
(via txt. Fleur Beale, award winning NZ children’s writer with international acclaim for her books I am Not Esther and The Remarkable Girl )

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