Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A cartoon of a scene from Bloodlines

I have recently discovered xtranormal which is a wonderful site and one in which I intend subscribing to so that I can do more.

Go here to see the animation of a skit I wrote a couple of years ago for students to highlight the need to specifically answer the question. It was written with Monty Python in mind but I had to modify it a bit for the American accent.

Go here to see the scene where William of Normandy (who later becomes William the Conquoer) and his wife Matilda talk about their getting together. Sorry it's set in an office enviornment rather than a 11thC French castle but I'm just starting out.


Anonymous said...

no link to click on :(

TK Roxborogh said...

They are working now. I think the site gets overloaded at certain times. America is asleep at the moment so maybe that's why it's working again but early this morning nothing was happening.