Monday, January 5, 2009

The actors to play the characters - what do you think?

Donalbain: David Tennant..... he he
Fleance: some undiscovered god of my dreams (smile)
Duncan: NOT Edward! And NOT Matt Damon
Rosie: Ellen Page (juno) does it for me.
Callum: the actor who plays Malfoy Drayco
Macduff: Sean Connery (who else?)
Blair: Michael Cera (from Juno)
The list goes on. I invite you to name who you see as being the best pick


flavia said...

If David Tennant is going to be on then you have to get me an invitation to the set ;-) *drool*

Anonymous said...

We agree with Micheal as Blair and the guy for Callum and undiscovered God, just tell us when you find him cos we want him too!! For Rachel a younger version of Anne Hathaway.
From Imy Kato and Dx2

Anonymous said...

Can that undiscovered god of your dreams be younger than 20? Then he can be the very-much discovered god of mine *wicked grin*

liking Ellen Page (x-men <3) and Tom Felton, if you mean Malfoy Drayco as in Draco Malfoy (I'm sure I'm missing an inside joke there somewhere...)
but Edward? :S
and if I remember correctly, Sean Connery (despite being absolutely awesome) retired a few years ago after League didn't he?

Anonymous said...

o, and please, please, please don't give Tom Felton that horrible off-platinum-blond gelled look he had as Draco >,<