Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finally done

I have been sitting at my desk in my writing space since 7am this morning. It is now 1:50 Pm. I have only left to get food and cups of tea - I am still in my PJs.

But, I have finished. I have emailed it off to my publisher and my 'babes' and will have a couple of days rest before I trawl through the whole manuscript again to bring it to the 3rd draft.

I have written over 85,000 words since the 1st of Dec and it is now the 29th of Jan. Two months to write an epic novel while still teaching, marking and being a mother. Wow. Just wish I could stick to my diet with as much diligence and determination.


Imy said...

Wow Mrs R you are Amazing and well done on your superb effort.

flavia said...

are you wanting us to comment on the last chapters at the meeting too? im not sure i will have enough time to read it =(