Saturday, January 31, 2009

surviving a meeting with my intrepid readers/critiquers

Nearly two hours of listening to what could be better with the 2nd draft. But, I did survive and thanks girls for being so passionate about this story.

Bottom line: storyline is spot on.
Fine print: need bigger battles and more of a climax.
Footnotes: dang - they easily pick up on all my clunkers.

We spent about 30 mins coming up with a fantastic storyline for the sequel - yay.

They've given me homework. I have to watch the dvd of Prince Caspian and Imogen has lent me 'Ranger's Apprentice book one by John Flanagan and 'High Rhulain' by Brian Jacques to help me with those ikky battle scenes (I'm such a wuss).

So, this is my plan for the next five days: Go through the notes from my publisher, mentor (that's you Fleur), and the girls attending to the itty bitty things.

THEN, it's off to Wellington to spend Waitangi Weekend with Fleur and my researcher to flesh out and fix up the gaps; to colour in the outlines. To check for continuity.

I can't believe I've done so much so quickly especially as my number one advice to writers is to allow time for the brewing process - I am breaking my own rules.

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