Sunday, January 18, 2009

The sequel

Just to let you know I have starting mapping out the sequel. I am embedding information into Banquo's Son and, though you will be satisfied by the ending of this first book, I am hopeful you will be keen enough to go onto the second one because you will love (and hate) the characters enough to want to find out about the next exciting stages in their lives.


Imy said...

Wow, Well Done Mrs R.
You are really writing up a storm!
Keep up the Supa Dupa work!

Katarina said...

YAY!!! a sequel!!!
i love sequels
books and telly shows tend to have better sequels than movies, although it all depends on how the first movie is done. if they miss stuff out, it will totally wreck the second movie. or the story line is sometimes just not as good as the first one (ice age 2 comes to mind here)