Sunday, January 25, 2009

two chapters to go

Well, it's been remarkable how much time I've wasted and yet how much I've actually managed to get done. These last ten chapters are very much in the raw stage but it will be a relief to finally get the bones of the story finished and then go back through chapters 26-35 to embellish and improve so that they are at least presentable to my waiting editing crew.

It has also been very interesting getting to know these characters: the sensibility and pragmatism in Rachel, that, despite him being a mad odd coot, Donalbain is passionate (though mis-guided) about making Scotland the best place, that Duncan actually loves his father despite the above, that Fleance, because of his experiences, has little regard for class and status: he regards Macduff in the same way as he does Blair.

My hope is that when it's all finished and polished, the reader will believe in the credibility of each character who has walked into the pages of the story. That not one will be two dimensional. That the reader will get a sense each person in the story has their own past, their own lives and their own futures (except the ones I kill of course )

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