Monday, January 19, 2009

Confessions of a procrastenator

I'm in avoidance mode - I don't want this to end but, thanks to some eager beevers waiting for the final installment, I cannot rest on my laurels (excuse tired old cliches). I think my problem is that I don't have enough concrete information to write the battle scenes - I avoid movies with horrenduous blood and guts as much as possible. Fleur Beale reminds us that if we have 'writer's block' it is because we do not have enough infomation in our tool box. I could go watch gladiator (eww), or Rob Roy or Brave Heart (though these two are a lot later than 11th Century).

How much do you want to 'see' in these fights the characters have with the rebels? Do you want blow by blow accounts of each swing of the sword or just a general idea? Later in the morning, I will post an example of each of the above.

The other reason I've not written much is because I need a tidy space and my writing room (which we call the sleep out though no sleeping happens) needed a major reorganisation. Then there's been problems with the wireless (wasn't so good out here but hubby has found cables and dragged the modem around the house so that we can both get great reception).

And, of course, there's the blog and forum which I love going to.
Post your response with your preference and then check back later to see what I've added.

Here's a link to an account of our fraught relationship with our novels

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