Sunday, January 4, 2009

Eww, Callum is creepy

Callum has just dobbed in Fleance and is trying to convince Duncan that his friend is not to be trusted. He smarmy and clever, just like Iago. I see him surviving for the sequel. Mwha hahaha

And, Fleance is now under house arrest which is just awful because he has been reunited with Rosie and promised her he would see her tomorrow.

"Dougal lifted up the reins. “Mind you keep your promise Flea or I shall find you and kick your arse.”
Despite this warning, Fleance grinned. “Nothing, save death, will keep me from her, Dougal – I give you my word.” Dougal flicked the reins at the horse and the wagon moved off. Rosie turned around and blew him a kiss."

Dum dum dum

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