Saturday, January 24, 2009

a wee problem

It's currently 36 degrees here in Dunedin. I'm glad we installed another heat pump cos it also works as an air conditioner. I had to vacate my writing studio and come back into the house because it's so hot. My problem is, back at Glamis Castle, 11th Century Scotland, it's been snowing. Apparently, it's very, very cold (secretly, I wish I was there right now.)

So my SFD is even more so because I'm struggling to capture the time and setting in this unusual weather.

Also, I have purchased a wall planner - not to plan my life, but to ensure consistency in the time movement of the novel. All things which are making me avoid facing what I need to do: finish the novel! I'm three chapters away.....

So, if there is anyone out there reading this, TK Roxborogh could do with a bit of 'ra..ra' to keep going (cos, I'm in the living room and hubby is watching stranger than fiction which is very compelling)

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