Monday, January 5, 2009

keep a record of your ideas please - they help

I know you guys are on holiday doing 'non-school-type-things' but if you do get an idea about something, whether it be character or setting or plot, jot it down and I will get it off you in Feb. I am now completely obsessed and find myself, at 3am hearing conversations between characters and/or having 'a-ha' moments.

Just yesterday at church, my brother-in-law (John Roxborogh) gave a sermon which was just spot on for this book. Here are the notes I took:

Esther and Ruth are both about: migration, love and intimacy, loyalty, political and personal and its place in the providential.

Strong influential women where men hold the power; conspiracy – where wile and patience is needed and loyalty is a virtue; new beginnings; hope after dark times; courage; God’s purpose; end to fear and anxiety; violence; Mordicai has been encouraging his protégée (Esther) to do the right thing but she needs courage; Haman is Callum; He went on to talk about a pressie minister who became a double agent but was rejected by his people when he came back because he couldn’t tell them what really happened. War because of pride and stupidity and European tribal politics. My brother-in-law said there are times in our lives where life is: morally ambiguous and the way is not always straight.

He said this phrase which I loved: “sometimes we need the soft power of influence not the hard power of might.” And “There are times when we cannot reveal the truth and we suffer for it.”

Don’t you think all of this fits with my story. What if Rosie becomes, like Esther, the person who approaches the king on behalf of her people?

Falvia, when can we get the forum going?
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Anonymous said...

I think that an Esther figure is definetly more of the kind of girl Fleance would fall for. Also Esther rocks so I would absobalylutly love her!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs R
Anonn is me again cause I can't remember my password and I am on Kato's computer.