Thursday, April 9, 2009

Outcome of the meeting with the babes

They all agreed they loved the title 'Blood Lines' for the sequel. So, from now on, that's what I shall say when I'm talking about book two.

Secondly, I said: Fleance needs an advisor - who should it be. After a brief discussion we discovered that William (the conquorer though he isn't that yet) of Normandy has a randy, disruptive younger brother whom he sends to Scotland in the hope that he will be sorted out. We are delighted. This young Frenchman is an incarnation of Macduff: witty, brave, reckless and very, very funny. He's also a sex maniac (though, I prefer the term, a romantic).

I'm always so excited when new character comes along. We are going to have so much fun with this guy - he will be a foil for Flea (and maybe a pain in the A at times as well). Still, he has a heart of gold and also (which is very needed in these (2nd book) anxious times) well versed in the royal way of things.

I've promised the babes I will have the first five chapters to them before the end of the 2nd week of the holidays (which started today - praise the Lord).


Anonymous said...

Hey I know I was there but I want to give another 5 cents worth. I think that the funny fellow is not a sex maniac but rather just a hopeless romantic. he is obsessed with the fairer sex but just can't claim one! Now get back to writing!
Love from Imogen

the uni wallflower said...

can you send me the chapters too?
that would be fab