Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Visiting the blog

You may have stumbled upon this site looking for the same answers I had when I thought about Macbeth, by William Shakespeare: What happened next?? What about the prophecies?

Thanks for coming by. Like you, these are vexing issues with the conclusion of the play but I have written the sequel. It's very good. I have a number of keen readers who have encouraged me. This story is legit: book is coming out in NZ in Sept. Date for international release yet to be confirmed.

But, I can see, by my site meter, that there are some regular visitors to this blog. Introduce yourself. I am delighted with your interest.


Anonymous said...

I'm here as we knew each other way back in Ferg Hall days! I'm going through a period of revisiting the past and curiosity about where we are now, nearly 25 years on. Some names I remember, some faces I can recall but have forgotten the names ...

TK Roxborogh said...

who are you? I have the photos and am curious as I've tried to think who could be in England. I keep in touch with a number of folks from that time. Would love a catch up. My email is roxboroghpt[dot]xtra[dot]co[nz]
Send me a private email if you wish. I love keeping in touch with people from times gone by.

Siobhan (Penguin) said...

We got the advances of the book in today and it looks wonderful - everything that we had imagined it would be. We're all getting very excited about the release of the book - we know it's going to be THE must have book for Xmas.
Can't wait to read the next installment - I'm in Rachel's corner!

Anonymous said...

hi mrs roxbourgh im joanna fieldings niece, he got me the book for christmas and ive been hooked ever since ! it a really good book because im studiing that peiod of time in english. i love it !!
thank you !!
xx becca rhead
p.s thanks for signing it !

TK Roxborogh said...

Hey Becca.
Glad you liked it. I'm struggling through the first draft of Bloodlines now.
But, hopefully it become even better than Banquo's Son.
I will get Aunty Jo to send you over a copy when it is published in Sept.