Friday, June 18, 2010

Reading Bloodlines

The proofs arrived today and I didn't realise how good the story was/is. Sure there's a couple of wee tweaks I want to make (like, at the beginning of the scene there is no fire but half way through there is...).

My publisher is also pleased. This makes me pleased. Tonight I went to a feast of medieval literature, music and dance (Choromania). I took Bloodlines along to read through and loved the music and the costume and the atmosphere. I thought: yup, this is how I imagine it was.

My dear friend Jo was playing and looking stunning in her costume.

Today I also recieved an email from a writer I admire hugely who has just finished Banquo's Son and congratulated me.

Anyway, after the taxes, I am throwing myself back to Scotland - they need me (and, maybe, I need them to).


Pen said...

Sounds like it is all coming together. :D

The medieval night sounds like it was a blast. I wish they had stuff like this on more often!

Vanda Symon said...

Did they have the tax man back then? That could prove to be an interesting plot line - Fleance done for tax evasion.

TK Roxborogh said...

Of course they had taxes back then, Vanda. Didn't you know tax is as old as sin? Or, should that be, tax is the same as sin? Or, tax is another name for sin.

Also, no suggestions please of my boy doing ANYTHING dodgy.

the uni wallflower said...

Isn't Fleance the king?
I thought kings didn't have to pay tax cos they receive it, and use it and stuff.
The king getting done for tax evasion woud be a bit like a self-empolyed buisnessman firing himself.

Vanda Symon said...

I've tried to fire myself quite often. Trouble is I keep refusing to accept my resignation.Mostly because I can't find anyone crazy enough to take over my position.