Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thanks to my faithful readers...

...but alas, a chapter I'd written and was soooo excited about, was resoundingly rejected by my astute publisher.

Of course.

She asked a couple of questions and then suddenly I'm going: yeah! That's so right! [I slap head with atonishment] how could I have thought otherwise?

Answer to this question:
Seriously? Um. Maybe it's cos you're trying to do a million things at one time?

I never thought the first book would become three. Should I have stopped at the end of Banquo's Son? Tell me. I have an idea but maybe I was wrong to push this boy into three novels.

I want to be like other writers who can be writers without worrying if their power might be disconnected. I am pleased with my nominations. I hope, in the future, these in themselves will reap rewards cos, you know what? I read HEAPS of YA books. I'm talkn' about two or three a week. 6/8th are damn fine. The other 2/8 are: what the hell?

So, I am pretty up there in terms of being a good (great) storyteller.

Just waiting for time and money to fall from the sky to alleviate the continual problem I inflict on my wonderful publisher - Shakespeare says it better than me: 'they stubble that run fast' (from Romeo and Juliet).

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