Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bloodlines - a recent print review - short and sweet

Struggles of a Scottish King make for gripping novel.

Dunedin author TK Roxborogh continues her intriguing imagining of life after Macbeth in Bloodlines, the sequel to Banquo’s Son.

The book follows the adventures of Fleance who, as new king of Scotland, must try to bring his divided nation together in the face of many challenges and the abduction of his betrothed.

A novel for young adults, Bloodlines (Penguin, $40) cleverly matches a fast-paced, gripping story with strong characters matched by historical detail.
This is an entertaining series, and readers of all ages will be eagerly awaiting the next instalment.
Brenda Harwood, The Star.

Writers like reviews like this. Pithy and enthusiastic showing a real sense that the reviewer enjoyed the reading process. As to the comment about readers 'eagerly awaiting', it is true. Yesterday, while having a hot chocolate with my youngest, a fellow teacher came up to say how much she loved the books and couldn’t wait for book three. ‘I kind of wish I had saved reading them until all three were available.’

Her thoughts were echoed today when, with the family at the local A&P show, an old (well, not old, but friend since uni days) said she loved the story and was very much looking forward to reading the last book.

As to Birthright. I am approximately now a third of the way through. I think I have slowed down because I’m about to send my characters into some really dark places: physically, emotionally and spiritually and I’m a tiny bit afraid- just as I was when I convinced the youngest to ride the ferris wheel with me today. ‘Just close your eyes if you are afraid,’ I told her. This is what I did. That allowed me not to see the danger but enjoy the sensation which was exhilarating.

I know that I am going to have to be really disciplined over the next couple months but it is the holidays and I have so enjoyed all the DVDs I’ve watched, the books I’ve read and the movies I’ve gone to see. And, holidays does mean I get a bit more time with my friends and my family.

In about six weeks, I’ve post the a bit of Birthright on the blog.

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J.T. Webster said...

I'm looking forward to the snippet of Birthright that you're going to post.

Enjoy what little there is left of your holiday.