Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's a school night

Tomorrow I go back to school for the year. It's a teacher only day but there are loads of things to do. I am really strict on myself that school is for school and home is for home so I have not been in at all until I am required to. Though, I have been keeping abreast with the English Online chatter over the holidays and thinking about my students from last year and my students for this year.

I have been granted a publishing extension for the last book which is very welcome but 2011 (ten years since.....) and I have also given thought to some goals for this year.

Spend as much time reading as I do writing.
Spend more time writing than I do watching tv.
Spend better times with my family.
Pray more.
And, despite the weakness of my 45 year old body, exercise more.
Eat and drink less.
Work toward forging a lifestyle which reflects my heart's desire: to be humbly obedient to God and passionately involved in the lives of others.

By year's end, this is what I hope has happened:
Bloodlines has been nominated for at least one award;
I am a free agent, helping kids and writing up storms;
My eldest has had a great first year at uni and been offered another scholarship'
Our youngest has had a successful first senior year and nailed the 100cm jump with her horse!
Hubby, god-like man that he is, has done all that he has desired for the team he works with and scored three more A+s for his uni papers.
My mother (and his) have continued with good health and heart.
The debt is a little less and the happiness much more.

All do-able me thinks.
kia kaha


J.T. Webster said...

May 2011 be a great year, Tania. I hope you achieve what you plan and more.

Pen said...

all admirable goals TK! Best of luck with this year.

And bring on the free agent who can write all the time and hang out with writing buddies. ;)