Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Could Cry about the day

So. I had it all organised: the washing, the notes, the stationery. Everything needed to enjoy the conference and ensure that I will be able to: a)read through the 2nd proofs for More English Basics, b) construct a great display for the trilogy, c) have a great, stressless time.

Yeah, Right.

First, I missed my plane. Surely though, when I told the taxi controller that my flight was at 2:50 she should have booked the cab for 1:30 not 2:30?

Never mind. Koru membership has its advantages and I was transferred to a later flight.

But, when I got the school, only the cleaners were there and my requested display needs were no where to be seen. Feck!

Oh, and then I realised I'd left on the plane all the pretty paper for the display. At the time of this post, the airline has not found the very obvious grey cylinder above 5B where I was sitting!

Then, I get to the hotel which I'd stayed at before. I had specifically!!!! asked not to be on a room beside the road - cos the road is, like the MAIN road!!!

I was put in a lovely room which faces the main road. ARRGHHH. But, and this is why I continue to stay at The Windsor Hotel, Amargh street in Christchurch. At 9:30 pm I was found a quiet room - no fuss, much sorries and much smiles. I love this place!!

Then I discovered I'd brought the brown envelop which I'd thought contained the proofs for More English Basics only to discover it was an old envelope of the final proofs of Banquo's Son. That's was, like, so last year. Sigh! No chance of doing any proper work on the night before conference, eh?

So, though I cannot work on the third proofs nor the display, I am happy to be here even though I miss my husband and doggies back in Dunedin, my eldest in Powell River, Canada and my youngest over the Port Hills, in Akaroa.

Me, this is too much for one day. I'm off to bed. The writing will happen later.

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Vanda Symon said...

Ok, you win the 'If it can go wrong, it will go wrong' award for this week!