Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's so HARD!

So, I pretty much am excited about Birthright. (Yeah, sorry, I know - you haven't got to Bloodlines yet but I have to move on!). And, I KNOW the story and what happens and I'm feeling the anticipation butbutbut. Starting. Hm. Watched State of Play with off-spring's buddies last night and kept saying to one (who is in my writing group) "See, Anna. That's how you start a story. Straight into it."

Wish I could follow my own advice.

I'm also coming to the realisation that someone who we trust and love actually turns out to be bad. Nooooooooo (in the book, I mean, not real life!)

Why can't my characters behave?

And I hate it when people die. In real life as well as in my book. Sniff.

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