Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's been one of those 'Excuse me but are you...' days

Dining room of the hotel. Teacher I met the day before: 'Looked at your display for your book. Most interesting.' Cue a few moments of me waxing lyrical about how hard it is to please everyone.

'Excuse me? Are you Tania Roxborogh?' This from one of the diners.

'Oh, I'm [...] and thanks for your input on the forum.'
'Thanks,' I say genuinely pleased because I have enjoyed a few backwards and forwards from this gentle woman from Kaikora.

Fast forward to morning tea at the conference.

'Hey, Tania.'
'Hey,' I say putting my tea cup down and staring at this stranger.
'Loved what you said this morning and my students love your books and I loved Banquo.'
'Thank you,' I say noting that my latest has been truncated so.

Lunch time. Just heard disappointing news and very frustrated. Sitting on the steps of the dining hall. An older man than myself makes his way to me and dips his head. 'Hello, Tania,' he says in a lilting Scottish accent.


He clears his throat.'I've just finished reading Banquo's Son and I liked it. Found it a struggle at the start what with me being Scottish and all...'

Another coversation.

And so it went on - all through the day and into the evening. English teachers getting wind of who I was and coming up and laying upon me some pretty cool feed back.

Did you know (and I didn't!!) that Banquo's Son was a class set for some schools. How cool is that?

But, it's been a long term and a long week and a long day.

I'm about to switch off computer and lights and climb into bed.

Night night


Anonymous said...

You always seem surprised by these sorts of things, Tania. May I suggest you just accept that we love the story.

When is Bloodlines due? I can't find any information about a release date.


Fifi Colston said...

Crissi- Tania and I listen to ourselves far too much!