Saturday, July 24, 2010

There must be a kind of, Houston, we have a problem... and then you make it worse for everyone

As per my comments about the changes in some of the key details I'd intended to use as a backdrop for Birthright actually no longer working, I've stumbled across a massive conflict for our boy. OMG. Even my eldest and her boyfriend were excited (and neither of them have read the first book even though they say they've lived the whole story - believe me, they are probably right and so I can forgive them - but they are both very passionate about the characters.

The idea came to me minutes before we had to leave for the movies but it's doing this manic mutation in my brain and I think it might...actually if would be feckn amazing if it WORKED. SQUEEEEEE

Have called for a meeting of my trusty students (aka The Babes). They will tell me if I'm on to a good thing or not.


Anonymous said...

Houston, ("yeah yeah" says Tania)

TK Roxborogh said...

thanks for the spelling tip. All fixed.

Sent out an outline of the propsoed 'major new storyline' and some excellent feedback already. My buddy Fleur said: it's very VERY good.' I love it when she says that. She's always right.